To prime or not to prime?

With such a vast variety of makeup products out there now and so many videos of you tubers raving about these products basically telling us to spend our money and buy them,  wouldn’t it be nice to know if these things actually work or if they are just an extra  layer that has no actual cause?

My opinion on primers:

Yes they work, 100%. If I forget to put a primer on ( I have a little panic when I do ) by mid day my makeup has started to separate and goes patchy, I notice this a lot around my cheeks near to my neck.. which I always find a little random. I have quite oily skin so it will start to almost slide of my nose as well. However when I use a primer, the heavens open and bless the staying power of my make up that day, everything stays in place, doesn’t fade and doesn’t look patchy by the end of the day, I do still get shiny through the day, but I feel like nothing will prevent this ! Your skin type will determine whether you actually NEED  primer or if you would just like that extra sparkle. If you have a slightly dryer skin your makeup will latch on more than it would if you had oily skin.

Is there anything else you can use instead?

YES! If I ever have a momentary laps of forgetting my primer, I will always finish my makeup with a setting spray, this holds my makeup in place just as well and is just a nice mist instead of anything heavy on my skin and is a nice alternative if you don’t like too much product. If I have a long day ahead or I am know I will be going someone hot – such as a night out, or holidays, I will always use both for that extra protection – no face melt here thank you.

So what ones best for you ? 

Like all makeup products theres a million different types of one product. I have tried and tested quite a few, all seem to do either an ok job to an all day kinda job so heres a couple I have tried and loved:

Minimising pores:

If you feel like you have large pores and would like to minimise them, opt for something thats quite thick and more of a silicon texture, this works as a pore filler and will help to minimise the looks of pores. Urban Decay Optical illusion and Benefit Porefessional – I have added these in the same part due to them basically being the same. Very silky textures and really help with smoothing the skin. I personally don’t recommend these as much for anyone with a dryer skin as it can tend to cling, but try a tester and see how you get on with it! Urban Decay is priced at £23 whilst Benefit is priced at £26.

Add radiance and a glow:

Becca – Back light primer : I love this primer before makeup to give that kissed glow, it’s beautifully illuminating and one of my absolute favourites. It holds my makeup well for the whole day, it’s my trusty primer ! I also wear this on my skin on holiday with no makeup on, to give that extra glow and radiance on tired skin ! Also try this primer mixed in with your foundation, it will give that foundation an extra staying power, as well as a gorgeous dewyness. This can be bought in UK on Cult or Space NK at £32.

The all rounders : 

The all rounders are ones I find suit every skin, first one being Illamasqua Hydra Veil, this is great as it’s an odd gel like texture, kind of like jelly ! But it melts into the skin when you apply it which feels amazing, what I like is that you can actually feel it working ! When you rub it in it almost sticks to the skin, creating a great base for anything else on top, this is quite a matte finish. You can also add a bit of an brighting product with the veil, this will change it completely into more of a dewy finish. Very versatile ! However if you feel like you would always want more of a glow, go for the illuminating veil to save time! This is priced at £34, a little go a very long way !

Another all rounder I love is actually the Nivea for men shaving balm, yes I fell into the trap of buying this, but it actually works! I paid £4 for mine and you get a lot ! I love this because the more you work it into the skin the almost tackier it gets, again creating a great sticky base for the rest to cling onto. Of course this sounds like something no one would want – a tacky sticky base, but you cannot feel it, only if you touched it and once the foundation is on top, bam… tackiness gone!

So these are my favourites and ones I will always go to. Others I have tried have been smash box, however I can’t say I rate them, the makeup stays on, but I like to either feel my primers are working, or see that they are !

The Makeup Setting Sprays :

Now I only have one, I will never go to another one simply because of how much I adore this setting spray and how well it works. Urban Decay setting spray – All Nighter, the god of all setting sprays. It’s literally like hairspray for your face… just without all the chemicals and nastiness. Every time I use this I just know I don’t have to worry about my makeup for the rest of the day or night. It is priced at £23.50, I use this mostly everyday and it lasts me for a good 4-5 months.

If you feel like you have an godsent primer, let me know ! I would love to add some more favourites to my list.

Amy xx



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  1. Nour Khalil says:

    I love your post. Couldn’t agree more. There’s so much stuff out there it’s hard to tell what actually works and what doesn’t. I was laughing at your comment about the Men’s Nivea shaving balm and it being a tacky sticky base. I definitely need to try that though cause I’ve only heard good things!


    1. Thankyou ! So glad to hear. Do try the Nivea, I hardly sold it but it is a good buy !

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