Nailed it

If you are anything like me, you get bored pretty easy. I love a bit of change! So i’ve always found nail polish or nail extensions a bit dull after a while.

I’m a big nail biter, a very bad habit, so my nails always look a bit rubbish when I paint them, the paint always seems to chip and the fact that you are not able to touch anything hours after you have painted them. When I have had nail extensions in the past, they are amazing as they last forever and give a great length, however I just can’t keep up with the maintenance!

That’s when I found these gems, I have always known about Elegant touch since I was younger, however I haven’t ever thought about using stick on nails again as back in the day they always used to just ping of and would never last ! But I wanted a quick solution to my dodgy nails so decided to give them a try.

I have 4 different styles all from their holiday collection, giving these my first go in a while was actually really easy, i’m a little clumsy with the glue as I have a tendency to glue my fingers together… but once I got through this my new nails were stuck on in about 10 minutes!

I really thought these would only last the night, but they lasted 5 days… they would off lasted just over a week but hey…. my teeth got to them. I popped another set on and mixed the styles up a bit, adding the Bora Bora and the Ipanema style together. This is what I love about these nails, you can keep changing them every week and your able to be little creative !

Thank you Elegant touch for completely changing my mind about stick on false nails, I am so impressed with 1. How long they last and 2. The patterns on these nails – there are so many options from vibrant, nudes, metallic finishes and rose gold ( my absolute faves)

Elegant touch Holiday Collection is out now, they also have some other beautiful designs to choose from as well, they are sold in most supermarkets, boots or on their website.

Amy xx


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