New York, New York

New york is always a good idea, whether you love exploring, shopping, city breaks, snow, heat … it really is a place that will catch everyones hearts.

We spent in total around 6 days here, while having a mini road trip around America.

Where we stayed 

We first stayed in the Hilton Garden Inn which is about a 7 minute walk to Times Square, a lovely hotel with a great location ! New York is so large that you will walk ages or catch the tube to most sights, so don’t stress about getting a hotel somewhere central, as you will always have to travel somewhere.

At the end of our road trip we retuned to New York again for 2 more days before flying home. We were short on money so we booked an Air B&B apartment, the location of this wasn’t ideal, way way out of basically anywhere, at least an hour and a bit walk from times square. However a very nice studio apartment, so if you don’t mind walking/travelling a bit take a look at air b&b’s on the outskirts.

The must see’s

  1. Top of the Rock – if you only choose to go up one high building, choose this one. From here you can get an amazing view of Central park, have full view of the Empire State building, it’s also pretty spacious and if pretty easy if your scared of heights. 
  2. Empire State building – Of course if you want to choose to go up two very high buildings, this one is also great, however I personally think has less of a view. It is also less scared of heights friendly with a smaller space so pretty cramped. We went up here in the evening when it was dark to see New York light up, Top of the Rock we did during the day. 
  3.  A broadway show – it’s a New York must ! We saw Chicago, if i’m honest it didn’t meet exceptions, the stage was pretty small and some of the actors were actually talking on stage… but it is a classic so I would still suggest it.
  4. Central Park – Take about half a day just to walk around central park, its so peaceful and really pretty.. the zoo is pretty good to ! 
  5. My absolute MUST is to visit the World Trade Centre, buy tickets for the museum and expect to in here for at least 2-3 hours. I don’t know what I was expecting but I was simply blown away. 
  6. Times Square – don’t stay long, its very over crowded but its pretty amazing, nicer in the evening to see all the lights.
  7. Shopping… all the shopping !!!

We ran out of time for everything, we will 100% go back as there is just so much to see, Brooklyn is top of my list, along with the Statue of Liberty. 

Until next time New York ! 

Amy  xx 




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