My top 4 travel essentials

Isn’t packing the worst, if you’re anything like me you will pack like you’re going away for a year when you’re actually only going away for 4 days..

Over the years I have learnt what I REALLY need for going away, but I still manage to over pack, bellow is my list, suncream and all the holiday essentials are an obvious need.. but here’s the bits that make the cut:

  • A pair of ‘walking’ shoes, basically something I know won’t hurt my feet after hours of walking.
  • A jacket – mostly always a trusty leather J, for those just incase nippy nights.
  • My Bottle from The Big Bottle Co, it’s huge, over 2 Litres which is why I love taking it, it’s easy to hold and keeps you hydrated in the heat!
  • My Zero Grid money belt, this is a life saver for travellers or going on holiday. If you’re like me and hate carrying stuff while exploring, simply buckle this around your waist and your good to go. Plenty of room for your purse and phone and anything else. It’s great because it’s so flat, so basically undetectable under clothes which is great for security as well as this it’s super sturdy so will last for all your travelling, plus it’s water resistant and has RFID blocking security, what else could you need in a bag ?

Check my favourites out for yourself :

Zero Grid Belt :

Big Bottle Co :

What’s your favourite bits to take on holiday?

Amy  x x



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