A night at Revolution

I was kindly invited to spend an evening at Revolution’s Norwich, to try out their new food menu and to have a go at creating my own cocktails.

Revolution has been one of my favourite cocktail bars for a long time, the atmosphere, staff and of course… the cocktails are always a win. Their cocktails are super different, not just your average long islands and porn star martinis and the staff really know what they are doing, better yet, they actually enjoy doing it !

I have had a few cocktail masterclasses at revolutions and they have always been fun, I highly recommend them if you’re looking for something to do for a group of you, the staff are so much fun and trust me, you will be given drinks left, right and centre.

The new menu

This menu is .. amazing. You know when you’re sitting in a restaurant and you don’t know what to choose simply because there are to many options ! Theres a whole range of burgers, along with ribs, chicken, curry and veggie options. I’m a big fan of a curry so I chose the Sri Lankan Curry and oh my, it did not disappoint. This curry is flavourful and spicy, maybe a little to hot if you don’t like a lot of heat but if you love a curry… this is the one. I will be ordering this again and again, the ribs are also delicious, these have always been a favourite of mine and now with the curry, what will I choose next !

If you’re feeling adventurous ( and hungry ) opt for the cheesy bacon fries, they are topped with melted cheese and roquito peppers and oh boy, they are a win.

My drinks

Now, i’m a huge fan of cocktails, there my go to for a night out, so being in a place that knows their cocktails, I felt like I was in good hands, so I asked for their recommendations. The first was It’s a rum ting, first of all the name, everything is right about that name. Second of all, this is a very nice cocktail, it comes in the ting can and is super fun to make. It’s both sweet and sour so it’s not a cocktail that can be to much – if you’re a rum lover, this is definitely for you.

My second drink was the Pimped Aperol spritz, firstly this is what I love about Revolution, it turns normal, popular drinks into something that’s just theres and they always taste amazing. This drink has a lemon and an orange flame, along with little bit of apricot syrup, it was so good to drink and went down maybe a little to fast…

Revolution will always be my first choice for a bar and now my first choice for food, with it’s great atmosphere, experienced, passionate staff and now the food and cocktails? What is there not to love?

Thank you Revolution Norwich, I can’t wait to re visit ! I’ve been eyeing up the Mango Loco and the Pulled beef Denver bacon fries!

A huge thank you to Revolution for having me and thank you to Tara for my pictures – @taraclements7 check her out if you’re needing a photographer !


Amy xx




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