Hey guys!

So I have decided to create a blog about a bit of everything, simply because the people in my life are a bit tired of listening to me. So I thought I would try and bore some more people..

My aim is to blog about everything I love and to give as many people as I can tips and little bits of advice along the way.

I love everything makeup related, so a lot of my content will be make up related.. sorry! I am a freelance makeup artist, working mainly on weddings. Recently I have left the full time make up industry, however it will always be my biggest passion and I have SO much to say about anything makeup related!

I also LOVE to travel, I literally work to travel ( although I do love my job as well ) visiting new places, getting lost and learning about a new place while your in it is the best feeling. Other blog posts have helped me massively when looking for a new place to visit, so I hope I can do this for you guys too!

And finally, as much as I love fashion and attempting to look ok, I can’t say you will see amazing shots of me posing, because 1. I’m probably the least photogenic person you will meet. 2. Honeslty.. I just do not have the time to look incredible every day. 3. I like to be comfy, I can’t be the only person who likes to be comfy than to look good right ? I love baggy t-shirts, jumpers, hoodies, trainers and just generally being warm!! Lets be honest here, I was born to live in the sun andĀ England is not the warmest place in the world. Scarves all year round? Yes please.

If you would like to contact me please email : amylouise056@hotmail.co.uk